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Our Activities at Wemakit

Composite Manure

Dumping site for compost manure

Tool mender

WEMAKIT’s tool mender at work

Tilling of soil

Community women tilling at WEMAKIT farm site


Harvesting of high value organic vegetables

Orange Planting

Planting of Orange trees by WEMAKIT Co-founder. This is usually done at the start of the rainy season to ensure ...

Irish Potatoes traetment

Irish potatoes farm undergoing folia feeding and treatment with purely local organic pigments

Irish Potatoe

Storage room for newly harvested crops.

Palm species

Trimming of the highly grafted palm species by WEMAKIT co-founder

Pineapple farm

Cleaning of Pineapple farm and mulching to ensure the delicate fibrous root system doesn’t get exposed to environmental hazards

Table birds

Table birds are ready for consumption at the poultry.