Our Domains of Intervention

Boast the potentials of youth in agriculture through an immersive farming practice.

Animal Production

Wemakit brings many animal and fish resources to the populations, alongside many jobs induced by agropastoral technologies.

Crop Production

Large quantities of agricultural productions seasonal and perennial crops cultivated using sustainable farming techniques


We encourage research developing good farming skills and climate-smart techniques of farming into its workers and enabling replication of project techniques.

Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Our farm products

WEMAKIT support the production of a variety of farm products both perennial and seasonal.
Palm farms

Palm farms

Palm farm, we like to think that dream big and longtime investment to realize.

Orange fruits

Orange fruits

season citrus fruits, sweet oranges fragrance with harvest at the peak.



Dwarf plum tree, accessible from the ground and meaningful crop produce.

Pear farms

Pear farms

Every year comes with its harvest

What the experts say

WEMAKIT bridges the gap to contribute in providing "FOOD FOR ALL" and to tell Cameroon/Africa that ‘we go make’am’ only through agriculture.
Nde Lovert

Nde Lovert


Farming is not just a job but a way of life. I believe Africa is the bread basket of the world. Agriculture is our identity. Agriculture is our source of sustainability in Africa, that is, for our schools, institutions, organisations, or government to be sustainable or independent they need to invest in the farm. Agriculture, Africa’s secret for sustainable development.

Chenwi Bertrand

Chenwi Bertrand


We are 7.6billion people, we all need food. But at what cost? Sustainable agriculture is breaking the barriers and paving the way for the present and future generations. Agriculture is a global concern but needs to be sustainable in order to meet up with the world's food demands.

Che  Gilbert

Che Gilbert


It has been over two centuries since Malthus expressed his fears that world population would outstrip food supply .Today,despite the assurances from some international bodies like FAO that there is sufficient for everyone ,the expanding population which is projected to
9million by 2050, is inadequately fed especially in Africa .Africa economies in order to ensure sustainability must value and invest in agriculture for it is the gate way to economic growth.
"Jesus said you yourselves give them something to eat".

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